Who can use the Express Way Bill Software?

Who can use the Express Way Bill Software?

Q. Who can use the Express Way Bill Software?

E-Way Bill must be generated whenever a registered person causes a movement of goods of over a certain value.

During movement of goods as notified, following documents type are required along with E-Way Bill No. mentioned on them.E-Way Bill can be generated using Express Way Bill Software for following with relative ease while staying within Tally.

·         1. Tax Invoice

·         2. Delivery Challan

·         3. Bill of Supply

·         4. Purchase Invoice

·         5. Receipt Note

·         6. Bill of Entry

·         7. Credit Note

 If you have created the sales/purchase invoice through Tally, Express Way Bill Software will help you to generate the E-Way Bill in 1 second while staying within Tally.